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Random thoughts.

You know it's really sad that the only reason I have a live journal is basically the once or twice I've needed to use Artist Beware :/
I used it as a dream journal there for a bit, but as usual I tapered off into other things. Hm.

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Fricken Werewolves

So i just woke up from a nap...i never take naps

I ended up having a dream where I myself am a werewolf and I'm loping around in the woods at night. I'm talking to myslef but i can't understand it.

Anyways, i get to this old abandoned picnic area where somehow i rig a trap with a random lamb/goat leg of sorts.

I sit back in some bushes and wait...and a big black wolf shows up and goes for the leg. He triggers the trap and thrashed about , trying to get away. I run out of my hiding spot and proceed to slash open his shoulder with my teeth.

He yelps and began to thrash more. But as he does, he transforms into a human. A white guy with short black hair. He looks around all confused and garbling in some weird speech.

I let him out of the trap and pace about him as he sits thereon all fours looking about wildly. It's at this point I can understand what I'm saying. I'm talking in a soothing but...slightly evil sounding voice. I tell him ll will be fine...just let it'll be fine.

I lope up to his face which i can't really make out and push on his injured shoulder. He snarled at me and was again covered in black fur, but shorter this time. His snout grew out and his shoulder wound went away. Now he, too, was a werewolf...

There were a few parts after the that but they kind of disturb me, so I don't wanna talk about it lol xD

In dream interpretation, a werewolf signifies hidden or suppressed instincts. It could also mean a part of you that is harmful to your well being.

Needless to say, THAT is one of the reasons I don't like to take naps lol. I have weird dreams :P
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So I've been imagining myself flying all day today. No matter what I'm doing. Especially when I'm driving. The speed helped make it feel more real.

I've been catching myself in day dreams all day today. Mostly of an alter ego of myself. Am I lacking something? Am I expecting more of myself? I dunno. But this has become more and more frequent...

I'm not complaining about it, I promise. I personally like it. I'm just wondering why I'm doing it more and more. It's like I'm unsatisfied with my life right now.
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Personal Epiphany

It's come to a point in my life to where I need to think about a lot of things. I need to not feel so...condensed and hide how I feel else I blow up :/

I'm working hard to get myself a good paying job so I can truly get up on my own two feet. I'll get an apt by myself, have a good job and afford my own bills and extras.

I hold no ill will to anyone right now. I'm peaceful....But being separated is what is best. Whether it be for a long while or for good.

I'll be working hard tonight to get more of my commissions done and do some personal art for myself. I have a few good ideas that came to mind tonight and I'll do them in between commissions.

I might hold off on opening more, but i'll see how I feel.

I'll always bounce back, no matter what is thrown at me.